Network for Collections Management and Contemporary Documentation in Finland

Our active network organises the nationwide division of collecting duties, coordinates contemporary documentation projects and ameliorates knowledge on the collections in Finnish museums. We provide a forum for new launches in collection work, professional discussion, collaboration and shared expertise.

We conduct development activities in order to promote the use of museum collections as a social resource. The collecting duties divided among the museums enable the versatile use of collections, mobility, accessibility and revealing the significance of various phenomena.

We annually organise two national seminars on the current issues in collecting duties. Seminars are free of charge and open for everyone. We also coordinate a biannual event on contemporary documentation for Finnish museums and hand out an award on contemporary documentation.

Museums in Collaboration

Our activities are based on the voluntary cooperation between the Finnish museums. The network welcomes all professionally conducted museums irrespective of their interests, sizes, location or resources. Our member museums work within seven collaborative groups or pools.

The network is coordinated by a steering group of 10 people rather than one official operator. The steering group consists of the chair, the chairs of the seven pools and two representatives of the Finnish Heritage Agency. The network also has a designated member responsible for the division of documentation duties. They all participate in TAKO activities either as part of their official duties or on an ancillary basis.

Anni Wallenius receives a camera phone for the museum collections in 2020. Photograph: Virve Laustela, Finnish Museum of Photography